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Tara Redwood School

"If you look in my heart you will see a good thing to be."
- Brigg, 7 yrs old, Tara Redwood School Student

"This 100% works. My children teach me."
- Paula, Mother of Two Tara Redwood School Students

Tara Redwood School is the Pilot school for Creating Compassionate Cultures and the longest standing school in the west based on Lama Yeshe’s concept of Universal Education. The school was founded in 1989 by Pam Cayton, in a peaceful redwood sanctuary in the Santa Cruz mountains, in California. When the property was first presented to Universal Education visionary Lama Thubten Yeshe, his perspective was clear, “this should be the headquarters for Universal Education in the west!” So in that very spot she began Tara Preschool, in what is now the meditation hall, at Land of Medicine Buddha Retreat Center. Since then, the school has moved next door on the same property. In 2012 the Kindergarten/Elementary classes moved to a temporary location in the Soquel Village, allowing space to expand the preschool and grow the school to 5th grade. They will relocate back once they expand classroom space back on the property.

IIt is here in this special place where Creating Compassionate Cultures originated and developed over the past 20 years. Cayton and the staff at TRS has been exploring how to best share the Universal Education for Compassion and Wisdom themes and principles with young hearts and minds. The Online Institute for Creating Compassionate Cultures is the direct result of years of experimentation, reflection, revision and treasured experiences at this precious school.

For more information on TRS contact school Director: Pam Cayton This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit tararedwoodschool.org.