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The Seven Steps to Knowledge, Strength, and Compassion

1. Mindful Intention | What do I really want?

Explore the dynamic psychology of our daily lives and the impact of developing our awareness of what we really want, how we can achieve it, and how to avoid habitual behaviors that thwart our happiness.

2. Interconnection | Everything is connected

Examine the interconnected nature of our world, how the global impacts the personal, and our thoughts and actions directly affect ourselves, others, and the environment.

3. Change | Everything changes

Recognize the freedom that comes by understanding the pervasive nature of change and the endless possibilities available to us in every moment.

4. Perception | My mind creates my reality

Develop understanding of the nature of perception through exploring neuroscience, psychology and ancient wisdom to discover how we create our view of ourselves and the world.

5. Transformation | Transforming harmful emotions

Experience the nature of emotion and the freedom to choose responses that will impact our lives and the lives of those around us in a positive way.

6. Empathy | Extend your understanding to others

Awaken empathy by observing the universal wish for happiness, realizing the kindness of many and recognizing how fortunate we are to be able to make a positive difference in the world.

7. Compassion | Put your compassion into action!

Take action to use our new found inspiration and empowerment in positive and beneficial acts towards others and ourselves.