• Our Intention

    Our Intention

    is to help children make a positive impact in the world

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To create a happy, successful and meaningful life for people of all ages.

Our Mission

To empower people of all ages and cultures to awaken knowledge, strength and compassion for living a happy successful and meaningful life.

We Believe

If we develop an understanding that the source of happiness lies within our minds and not in material possessions and entertainment, this becomes the seed for developing psychological and spiritual understanding. Similarly, when we discover that benefiting others is the quickest path to happiness, we will begin to create more compassionate cultures.

We Propose

That the healthy development of a person proceeds along three interconnected pathways: knowledge, strength, and compassion.


The first pathway involves gaining a clear, undistorted insight into our nature and our relationship with the world, through understanding the interconnected nature of all things. By gaining a personal understanding of the way in which our minds function, we can gradually eliminate destructive, self-imprisoning patterns of thought and behavior and learn to relate to our inner and outer environment in a life-affirming and ecologically sound way.


The second pathway involves developing a healthy sense of confidence in ourselves as capable beings with the ability to bring about change and make a positive difference in the world. As we develop our capacity to see everything we encounter as an opportunity for learning, we deepen our understanding that our perception of the world is created by our perceptions and the power for transformation lies within our mind. As self-knowledge increases, we glimpse our potential to impact the work positively through altruism. In this way, we can actively create the world in which we live.


The third pathway encourages us to open our heart and develop loving compassion for other beings. The path of compassion enables us to overcome the obsessive self-centeredness that cherishes our individual welfare about that of others. Paying attention to the happiness and welfare of others is the most direct and reliable way to experience contentment and happiness ourselves.