How do the courses work?

Each of our courses has its own secure online site where participants collaborate in forum discussions and where all course material is published and archived. At the beginning of each week of the course, the instructor publishes the assignments for the week. These assignments may include readings, exercises, study questions, web links, reflections, video and/or audio lectures.

Forum discussions are based on the material presented during the week. The instructor will guide the forum discussions via postings throughout the week. Any written assignments and activities are due at the end of the course.

Certification Course/Personal Enrichment

Assignments from courses 1–11 will lay the groundwork and preparation needed for the final research project, in course 12. If you are enrolled in the program for Personal Enrichment, you do not do the Portfolio or submit assignments.

Courses are asynchronous. Although there are specific dates for the beginning and ending of a course, this means that the international student body does not have to be online at the same time. Since all course material is published on the course site, all you need to participate in courses is an online computer. Once registered, students can login from any computer with an internet connection, anywhere on the planet.

How much time do they take?

Each week students have readings, writing, discussions in the forum, independent practices to complete, and/or audio/video content to observe and reflect upon. Depending on how long it takes each student to do each of these activities will determine how much time the course takes for that person. For some this will mean several hours a week, and for others it may be 2–5 hours, more or less. The average length of time for each course is one month, and the whole program can be completed in one year.

Participants seeking CCC certification are required to have first attended our 2-day workshop, to be held virtually for the foreseeable future.